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discovering your light when life is in flux


Life’s transitions can be exciting, fraught, joy-filled or devastating.  Sometimes we find ourselves reacting to what we think ‘should’ be a positive experience in a way that leaves us feeling stressed or even empty.  Negative transitions, such as illness, divorce, or loss of a loved one may take us completely off-guard and left feeling untethered.  Such changes can tilt our understanding of the world, leaving us wondering if the universe is a safe place.   However, times of stress need not define us or trap us in years of struggle.

Transitions are a time ripe for personal evolution.  They ignite in us a desire to define our personal values.   Big life changes also provide an opportunity to begin a chapter that has been mindfully crafted.

As a therapist I am passionate not only about providing you with open and curious support, but am committed to having you leave my sessions feeling empowered and resourced.  Together we will create a mental and emotional toolkit that best suits your gifts and addresses your personal goals.

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