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Green Field

About Me


I'm a child of the prairies.  I grew up in Alberta, and had a wild and free childhood on farms and in small towns.  I married while fairly young, and moved out to BC to attend University.  In 1997 I graduated from SFU with a Bachelors of Education with Minors in Psychology, the Humanities and Education.  


Teaching and supporting children and their families in both Burnaby and Vancouver brought me immense joy and a wealth of experience in human relations and developmental psychology.  During this time my husband and I became parents to three amazing children, who are rapidly transforming into adults!  I've experienced all of the triumphs and tears that come with working, raising kids, and parenting with a husband who frequently travels for work. 


A few years ago, as my son's high school graduation began to loom, I realized that I too wanted to head toward a new horizon!  This quest for a new challenge was what spurred me to begin studying to become a Therapist.  Counselling has been a dream of mine for years,  and I've discovered so much joy in holding space for people as they move through struggles and uncover their own strengths.   

Our Clients

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