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How lucky are we to live in an age when the world is absolutely at our fingertips?  This page could have contained 150 different links, and who knows, maybe someday it will!   For now I've just included a few resources that may offer you some information, techniques or solace.  

Urgent Support

If you are in current serious crisis please avail yourself of these local resources.


If you feel you are suffering from anxiety the following may be helpful.  The first is a short Ted Talk by Dr. Jen Gunter explaining what is happening in our body during periods of anxiety.  The second link contains easy exercises which may help you to quickly move your body out of an anxious state.



Oh, the nightmare that is insomnia!!   I have experienced brain-wracking insomnia in my life, and have found the following two resources to be life-changing.  Jim Donovan gives a TedTalk on a very simple and effective method to help get you to sleep.  Jason Stephenson has a lovely soothing voice and a treasure trove of relaxing sleep stories and hypnosis meditations.

The following is a self-screening tool to help you determine if you are suffering from depression.  The meditation for Self Love is a short and beautiful tool to remind you of the truth about yourself.

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